Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Modify Tradition Swap

1. nine patch, 2. cs13, 3. quilted picnic blanket, 4. Table Runner, 5. Practical yet beautiful

I have recently signed on to participate in my first small quilt swap. I have been trying to find my style in this very diverse universe of quilting. Finally through many hours of reading quilting blogs I have found my style, Modified Tradition. I love traditional blocks yet I love modern fabrics. The Modify Tradition Blog summarizes these two loves into a complete style. My style.

The above Mosaic is to help my MT Swap partner know what I like. I am not a pink person by any means. I love to make quilts with pink in them for others but anything I make for myself does not contain pink or purple. I love blue, green and brown. I like yellow, red and orange. I hope this helps my swap partner...

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