Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Handmade Holidays 2010... My Challenge.

This year I fully intend to make everything I need from gifts to decorations for Christmas. There are so many wonderful free patterns and tutorials that I don't even need to spend money on patterns. I have tons of fabric but not a lot of time.

From Aprons to bags to purses to kitchen acccessories to book covers.... do you see my dilema now??? How do I organize myself so that I can accomplish this handmade holiday without killing myself or my husband???

Then I have a list of must have holiday decorations such as holiday buntings, new stockings to hang by the fireplace and the dogbed makeovers....

As of today there are 24 days until Christmas. I have a gift list of at least 12 people as of today. That gives me at least two days per person to get it all done! Yikes.

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