Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tax Day has come and gone, Finally!

So now that the taxes are out of the way... And yes I did wait till the last minute! I have a couple of things to show today. First: I went to my very first quilt show at the beginning of the month. I was sick and had been branding calves at my parent's ranch that morning so needless to say I am glad they let me in. It was very small and hosted by the local quilter's guild. Of course I had to purchase many little things.

I like to think that I am green in my sewing but I couldn't help but try the new Dream Green batting. It is made from recycled plastic bottles. We shall see how it quilts sometime soon...

I have some WIP's going on right now. This is the diaper bag to match the stacked coins Jungle Quilt for my Cousin Erica. The Baby Shower is Saturday and it looks like all will be complete tonight! YAY for me.

These Bento Box squares are for Emma. Emma is a darling little girl that belongs to our friends Allen and Jennifer. She is the tiniest little thing and she loves pink. I think she is going to love this quilt.

These are rectangles or hst's ready to be sewn together to create a wonderful quilt of diamonds without sewing the diamonds! I have some wedding gifts I owe to some friends and this is going to be one of their choices. I have decided to sew up some quilts and just let them pick out which ones they want.

So yes I have been bad about posting, but I have been really busy too. I am off to Napa this weekend for some much needed time out of the house. I love that I only live an hour and a half from the California Wine Country!