Monday, January 31, 2011

Design Wall Monday

This is the begining of my Scrappy green Irish Chain. The squares are 2.5 and the blocks are 10.5/10 inches finished. I have 3 of the 9 rows together and on my wall. I am really enjoying this quilt. I am starting another one that will be completely scrappy for an April wedding gift. I wanted to make the green one first to make sure that I would enjoy the process and the finished quilt. I love the fact that the blocks finish at 10 in. so it makes the math super easy.
I might actually get this one done before March.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Stash Report #5

This week I have not worked on anything remotely quilt related. My work space and design wall have not been touched. In a way this is good as I have not had the chance to add anything to the stash. It is really bad that I have some major sewing related deadlines coming up. Yikes! I will have to sew every night this next week and all next weekend. This weekend I have been busy and I will tell you all about it this next week..... But until then here is my report.

Used this week: 0

Used Y-T-D: 10.86

Added this week: 0

Added Y-T-D: 30.24

Net used in 2011: -19.382

Friday, January 28, 2011

Lily the sunbathing weiner dog....

Like Judy L's Speck, Lily loves to follow the sun. Here she is with all her toys. When its not sunny you can find her burrowed between two big dog beds or snuggling with her big dog friend Sugar our yellow Lab. Lucky for Lily we live in most of the time sunny California!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday Stash #4 (one day late)

This is my first attempt at a Valentine's Day quilt. I finished it last year and it now graces my Husband's chair. It will stay there until after Valentine's Day and will be replaced with my scrappy green double Irish chain quilt. Note all the pink.... I hate pink but for some reason this quilt is OK for me. The husband and the weiner dog love it. Anyway back to the stash report...Not much sewing this week. I worked on a few projects but nothing really looks done. Good news is I have not added anything this week! Which means my numbers are the same as last week.

Used this week: 0

Used y-t-d: 10.86

Added this week: 0

Added y-t-d: 30.24

Net used for 2011: -19.382

It would be nice to be in the black sometime this year :(

Check out the blog list to see who is busted the most this year! Tiny hint... it sure isn't me!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sunday Stash #3 (a few days late)

This should be me hiding instead of Lily the weiner dog. Lily likes to sleep burrowed in between two large dog beds. When she wants to watch me sew or watch me walk about the room, she sticks her head out like this.

Anyway back to my purchases this last week:

I knew that I needed to purchase some background white-on-white for the scrappy Irish chain quilt I am making for a friends wedding gift, but ..... Yes the "but". I had to buy some valentine's day fabric too once I saw Giddy by Sandy Gervais for Moda. Once I had my hands on it, I was done. So here are my numbers for last week....

Used this week: 0.44
Used y-t-d: 10.86
Added this week: 18.379
Added y-t-d: 30.24
Net used for 2011: -19.382

The 18.379 includes 4 yards of WOW and 5 yards of muslin. Although these purchases are "legal" purchases, I feel compelled to report them so I have an accurate count of "ins & outs".

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Stash #2

So this week I dug into the stash a little bit more and cut up a bunch of greens for a scrappy green double Irish quilt. Then I finished my tree skirt started in 2009 pictured above. So the stash totals this week are:
Used this week: 7.94
Used y-t-d: 10.42
Added this week: 0
Added y-t-d: 11.86
Net used for 2011: -1.441
Maybe next week I will be in the black....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Scrappy Blue Flowers DONE

My first finish for the UFO Challenge. There are a few things I want to mention about this little quilt. First, the whole quilt is from my stash. The backing fabric was gifted to me from my Grandmother this summer. She was cleaning out her hall closets and came across a bunch of fabric. This fabric still had the original tags stapled to it from Demas' Department Store which was located in downtown Lincoln. My Grandmother managed this store when I was little. Demas' was the only place in town where you could purchase clothing, fabric, notions, shoes and many other odds and ends. I spent many hours there with my Mom and Grandmother and brings back many wonderful memories of Pete and Ellie Demas.

The next thing I want to mention is the binding (again gifted to me from my Grandmother from Demas' Dept. Store). I tried a new technique in machine stitching the binding. I attached it to the back of the quilt and then top stitched it down on the front. I like this method for quilts that will be used or washed frequently. My only regret is that I should have used a matching thread color. Oh well....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Official 2011 UFO Challenge List

Judy L has asked us to make a list and number the UFO’s 1-12, my list is located in a seperate page here on the blog. The first number picked for the month of January was number 6.

6. Blue scrappy flowers (flimsy) January

As I finish the first 12 I will work on the second list. If I finish the current month’s UFO with at least 2 weeks to spare, I will start and try to complete a second UFO from the second list. When UFO is finished I will scratch it off the list!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Stash Report #1

Lily the red weiner dog with the sad puppy dog eyes...

To help keep myself on track with not buying needless fabric... I will be reporting my weekly stash busting efforts. As you can see with this weeks report, I am not doing so well. But I did purchase the fabric with projects in mind, mainly I purchased binding fabrics and a red to finish the Roll, Roll Cotton Boll mystery by Bonnie Hunter.

Used this week: 2.48
Used year to date: 2.48
Added this week: 11.86
Added year to date: 11.86
Net used for 2011: -9.383

PS: Using the end of year sale and coupons at Joann's I saved over $62 on my $75 purchase including batting at 60% off.