Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sunday Morning Quilts {book review}

Last night I purchased the book Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison for Stash Books. I must admit that I read it cover to cover last night! I could not put it down.

Two reasons why I love this book:

1. I love that the first 61 pages cover a variety of scrap organization, scrap sorting, storing as well as quilting basics. I love reading how others do things. I am always open to try new things, even the basics.

2. The 16 projects are Modern Scrap Projects. I love scrappy patchwork but I have yet to really get comfortable sewing scrappy. There is not one project that I would not try in this book.

Now that I have downsized my sewing room due to the move, I am searching for ways to display my stash/scraps, have them organized and inspiring all at the same time. I am constantly tweaking the way I sort my scraps as well. This book will hopefully get me motivated to start unpacking more boxes and get sewing!
This was the picture of my cart from last night's buying spree.... Everything was on sale or I used a coupon.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sewing again ;)

My sewing room is open for business. My SIL ordered some custom car seat covers as baby shower gifts so I am busy creating again.  The pink western fabric is Cowgirl Toss Pink by Spring Creative Products, the cotton lace is from Joanne's $1 bin and the bottom is just blue denim. I love the look of the cotton lace against the denim. This may be a new favorite for western inspired designs.
It feels good to be sewing again, though the sewing room is not really in order. I'm still trying to unload boxes and decide where to stash stuff. I have way too much stuff for my 10x10 room. We plan to have a yard sale later this summer once we get through most of the boxes in the garage.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Big changes for The Sunflower Crafter...

Since I am able to post from my iPhone, I am going to start sharing more about our new life in rural northern Nevada. Most of our family is back in California and keeping them up to date on everything is difficult. I hope that this blog can be a central place for family and friends to see what's happening with "The Lake's."

I have added new pages at the top for recipes, Made by Melody Lake and tutorials. I've updated my UFO list though I have many more to add. My quilting these days is all about starting new projects. We will save that for another post ;)

This weekend's big find was two dressers. We had seen the Consignment Store sign from the freeway many times to we decided to stop. What a place. The sales guys were very nice, they let us browse then when we were ready they were more than willing to help out. This one is missing a knob but I already have big plans to change out the pulls and do some painting/antiquing. {thank you Pinterest}

This one is Brian's and it will also get some new pulls and stain.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Making it a home

Now that we are settled in, I had to add color to the front porch. Still a California Girl at heart, I needed some flowers to brighten the place up. Hubby is doing a great job of keeping things alive. 

I'm trying out the new blogger app for the iPhone to post this. So far I like it. My laptop needs some work so this will have to do for a while. Maybe this way I can post more... :)