Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Made by Melody Lake

I have decided to start selling (unloading) some of my projects on Etsy. So far I have listed some little things like bibs and burp cloths, market bags and cloth dinner napkins. I have a few crib quilts that will be listed this weekend.

For me the hardest part of the deal was the photography. My first few pictures were not so good but this weekend I spent some time out at my parent's ranch and worked some magic. My Mom has this really cool vintage school desk and she was nice enough to let me take it out of the house.

All my bibs and burp cloths are 100% cotton backed with terry cloth (like a towel.) They are super soft and super absorbent.

In other exciting news for the summer.... My niece Adelynn Norma was born on July 2. So for a while you will be seeing baby projects as I test out patterns. So far I think I got the bibs and burp cloths down. I have already used some of my favorite pieces of conversation fabrics and so now I think I need to cut into my vintage stash. :)