Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Fall Challenge Update # 2

WOW, September is really flying for me. It is already half way gone... I have been super busy at work, school and with the Cattlewomen's Assocation. I did happen to find some time to quilt and here is my progress at finishing those quilts on my list:

1. QFK # 1 Done, needs a label

2. QFK # 2 Done, needs a label

3. Kelsea's Bento Box quilt Done, needs a label

4. Hunter's Zigzag quilt is quilted but needs binding and a label.

5. Figgy Trees top is finished, needs to be quilted, binding and a label.

Do you see a theme here???? "Needs a label." What do you do for labels? Because I give away as gifts or donate all of my quilts, they need labels. I find that I don't like handwriting on a piece of muslin type labels. I think quilt labels should be as interesting as the quilt, but easy to read. I could hand embroider my labels but we all know that takes time, something I usually don't have.

So there is my dilema... Any comments or ideas for me quilt blog world? I would love to read them!


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Anonymous said...

I don't necessarily like the "handwriting on a piece of muslin" labels, either, but it's usually what I end up doing. For my competition quilts, I go all out and do something fancy, creating a special piece of art to hold the information, but it is still inked on in most cases. Altho I don't like to do it, I like to have it in my own handwriting. I have most of my grandmother's quilts, and she wrote on hers on the back near the binding, with a ballpoint pen, and I so appreciate that she did because it's a piece of her and personal. Printed labels are not as personal, so if you can get over your dislike of it, the written-on label is a good thing. I agree, embroidery might be too time-consuming. Some people print them with a printer, but I've used some like that, and it's been my experience that they fade out over time and the writing disappears. I don't have that problem with the handwritten ones, so even though I don't really like to do it, I suck it up and write my own! Sometimes, on a light-colored backing, I just write directly on the quilt backing, so I don't have to sew on a label. Don't know if that really helps you any, just my rambling opinion . . .