Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Storm damage

Storm damage
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While I have been on a short (okay long) break from blogging.... We have been having fun cleaning up after the storms that hit Northern California this last week. This tree basically missed the backyard fence and only damaged the top of one board. We were soooo lucky. Our house however was not so lucky. The roof was leaking. Really leaking. I have contractors working on the stituation right now. I will post about that tomorrow.

Oh and yes I have been sewing. Maybe this weekend I can catch up blogging on those projects.


Rodney Orton said...

Strong storms really leave us with leaky roofs to fix. So what did you do with yours, Melody? I hope it's all been taken good care of by now. At least, the fence was almost untouched.

Anonymous said...

You say you are a sunflower lover so I am posting this question to you. I live in MA & was just hit with Hurricane Irene, although my area had only strong winds & rain fall. My one & only sunflower got the most damage. It was blown over into the dirt, so much that bugs & mud covered its flower. I thought if I left it alone the sun would help it to lift. My husband on the other hand thought it would do better uprooted, so that is what he did. He dug a whole in our yard & put there tied to a metal pipe. Well our once beautiful sun flower is not doing well at all the bottom leaves are yellow the flower head is not faceing the sun, but instead facing the ground, & the once bright yellow petals are now withered &shriveled. I would like to some how bring life back to it before the cold months. If there is advice I would grately appreciate it.
Looking for advice