Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall is just around the corner...

I love the crisp fall weather, the smell of baking with fall spices and of course nightly fires in the wood stove. But this also means the Holiday season is upon us. School has started, Halloween is only weeks away, yikes! I have to have a plan in order to make it work so I am posting this plan hoping it will keep me on task. :) (I will be sharing a super sweet Holiday Planner soon)

September will be simple gifts, pot holders, cloth napkins and simple half aprons that are easy and quick to make. They make excellent last minute gifts or hostess gifts.

In October I will make full aprons, dish towels and Kitchen Aid mixer covers. (I have a special order already for one but have yet to make the pattern.)

In November I will get started on my decorations, filling in where I left off last Christmas. New stockings are in order for myself and my cousin who recently got married and has a baby due in November.

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Catskill Quilter said...

Thanks for reminding me that it is time to PLAN in order to get everything done! I love your list!