Thursday, March 26, 2009

Crazy Weekend Ahead...

Sorry it has been a while since my last post. I have a ton of new pictures to add but sadly they are at home still in the camera. Yes I am at work right at this very moment. I finished the Jungle Stacked Coins baby quilt for my Cousin Erica. It is definitely one of my faves. I have the matching diaper bag cut out and ready to sew. I have been collecting a couple different stacks of fabrics for future projects. Again I have pictures but again they are still in the camera. I hope I can post them for you all soon.

So I have a crazy weekend ahead. Tomorrow I have the day off from work so I can help the Tahoe Cattlemens' Association set up and decorate for their annual Spring Dinner and Dance. Then I leave that wonderful dinner (sadly) at 6:15pm to arrive at my California Cattlewomen's Association (CCW) Spring Executive Meeting in Folsom, CA. After I am done there I meet the Cattlemen again back in Loomis to help clean up after the dinner. (And Yes I am still talking about Friday night.) Saturday I have another meeting in Folsom for the California Cattlewomen's Heritage Foundation at 8 am. After this meeting the CCW is having a wonderful workshop on Marketing and 21st Century Beef Promotion. At 3 pm I am back in Lincoln for the 11th Annual California Waterfowl Association fundraising Banquet. Brian and I have been on the committee for this dinner since the beginning. So Sunday I get to rest right? Well not so fast. Sunday morning at 8 am it's back to Folsom for the CCW Spring General Membership Meeting. Can you say CRAZY?!? Yes I am crazy, but after this weekend, I have all the time in the world to do what I love, Quilt.

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